Sales – It is Both an Art and a Science

scienceofsales-03It might a little strange that I am pitching sales as both of an art and as science, but if you bear with me through this article, I’ll explain what I am aiming at here.

To be really good at selling something, you don’t just have to be able to talk smoothly to your audience or consumers, but you also need to have some valuable information for them as well. They don’t just have to know that something is really pretty, but that it can also help them and you are there to show them how.

We all have at least one of those friends that take up to two thirds in every conversation, no matter how many people are involved in it. They can speak about any topic whatsoever and have their opinion about everything, not that they know much about it, but hey, as long as they can talk. Now, I am not saying that this is necessary a bad thing, but it is not something that will make you a good salesman. It will certainly help if you are charismatic and talkative, but it is only one part of the whole process. On the other side, there are also people who mostly keep silent during a conversation and only speak when spoken to. But when that happens, you immediately see just what experts at a specific topic they are. Now, combine these two and you will have one killer seller.

It basically all comes down to the way your brain is functioning. The left side is where you think logically and critically and do math, while the right side is more used by people who want to be creative, like musicians, painters and writers. Normally, most people will use one side more than the other, but in this case, they are equally important.

scienceofsales-02Selling is not just about offering your product to the potential buyer and answering his questions about it. It also involves analyzing, understanding people and why do they might behave the way they do and knowing the product or the service that you are trying to sell. Most of this is not something that people are born with, so you have to develop many of these skills through time, learning and training. This is the only way to become a truly successful salesman.

If you just rely on your luck, good looks or charisma, you may have a little success in the beginning, but after that, you will likely hit a wall and not be able to sell anything to anyone. Without a proper scientific approach implemented in your sale, that includes the knowledge of the product or service, careful analysis of the potential costumer and many other things, you really cannot expect to be good at this.

Always remember that without putting a solid effort into preparing yourself for what lies ahead of you, whether it is sales or something else, you really can’t expect any long-term success.

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The Science of Sales Explained

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